Kernel Boot Logo

I did some research today on creating a custom boot logo for the linux kernel. I need a logo. Currently, my logo just consists of my initials in a circle. I would like to create a new logo with geometric shapes, preferably a hexagon, and I would like to have an intricate pattern or some clever typography.

I also am looking to replace jekyll with something more lightweight. I have looked at baker, bash blog, nanoblogger, vee, zodiak, and a few others. I would like a self contained, set of tools based on automake, awk, bash, and vim. I don’t really need much more than that. I favor portability, and minimalism, but still able to customize layouts and css as needed.

Here is my ideal workflow:

$ git clone
$ make post
# Opens markdown template with vim. (Date and Time are automatically inserted)
# Edit post, including title and tags (optional), then save.
# Saves file as <date-title>.md
# Prompt will ask to either D)raft/E)dit/P)ost. (Just like bash blog does)
$ git commit

I also will have a .config containing site variables (compared to _config.yml).

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