I missed the opporunity to post my daily progress yesterday do to a car accident so I will briefly summarize.

  • Started a micro blog for work. It’s a private repo because I don’t think my job will allow me to share it’s contents. I am using it to keep track of my daily conundrums for the purpose of abstracting some of my experiences for my own personal reference.
  • Fixed the mwan3 failover issue that was plaguing me for the last two weeks! It was a delicious little hack but I started refining it today. (I might create a gist of it on github at some point in the future.)

Now for today, I found an article on a software development blog this morning about setting up a git project and branching. And while I found it very insightful, it also referenced this git branching model which I had never seen before. It amazes me how there is so much knowledge on the internet.

Now I see the near future of automation as an exciting time to be alive. I feel as though we are right on the brink of the next big technical revolution. Although, there are times that I think I am the only one with a positive outlook. Maybe my optimism stems from a lack of social and political experiences that are a by-product of youth. Whatever the case, I read an article today entitled “On Our Ingrained Mechanophobia” and I believe that he and I are in accord on the topic. It is definitely an interesting read.

I keep seeing the term “Grokked” in various places around the web in the context of “I grok ", and I was curious as to it's etymology. Apparently, it is a word invented by Robert A. Heinlein back in the sixties. You can find more information on [Wikipedia](

I plan on finishing out my evening by learning a bit of Erlang. My good friend Trevor is quite the erlang expert (as well as ruby among other languages) and he pointed me towards Learn X in Y minutes, as well as Try Erlang- Both seem to be very good resources for beginners.

And lastly, I found my bug on the official steam-for-linux project on github!

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