X11 Forwarding

Today I setup x11 forwarding on my freebsd macbook pro. I think I am in love again. On the days that I work from home, I simply put my work laptop on my desk, turn it on, and then ssh into it from my desktop pc. I have way more screen real estate and I can use my keyboard and mouse with out any trouble. But if I need to go on a work specific website, I had to use the laptop because I can’t have work credentials on my personal machine. Most people know about remote desktop, but I don’t need the complete desktop, just one simple google chrome window. So I left my laptop open, and using the $DISPLAY variable, could launch chrome from my desktop over ssh but that’s as close as I could get. That is, until this day.It literally took me less than five minutes to configure.

Oh Unix, how I love thee!

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