Artificial Intelligence

So as I have been reading books on mathematics and learning functional programming with Lisp, I have been trying to find software written with Lisp so that I can practice with real code. I found myself revisiting Festival, a speech synthesis application written by the University of Edinburgh. Up until now, I have been reading and interacting with Common Lisp implementations such as SBCL and ECL. But Festival contains a Scheme command interpreter which I find fascinating. All of this time I have been discovering so much about Lisp, and then I open a door to even more Lisp but different!

I decided to start applying my accumulating knowledge to build a simple AI. I doubt it will be anything fancy. I would just like to launch programs and dictate to my computer or phone. Now I already have a means of receiving feedback from my computer via Festival, but what about user input? For that I searched for a Speech-To-Text application. CMU Sphinx is a project by Carnegie Mellon University which is defined on their website as an open source speech recognition toolkit. It even has an android example project which can be downloaded on F-Droid.

I also have been reading about logic and machine learning. Simply launching a program or telling me the weather does not seem very intelligent to me. I have begun studying First Order Logic. A good introduction can be found at

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