I tinkered with buildbot today. I setup a master and slave instance on my old trusty dimension 4600. I really like how the configuration file is actually just a python script. That being said, I still have a little ways to go before I fully figure out what I’m doing.

I have two projects I’d like to automate:

1. [Hex OS]( builds.
  1. Syncronizing my github repositories mirrored on bitbucket and gitlab.

Here is my stopping point for the buildbot documentation that I was going through,

As far as Hex OS is concerned, I have been following the Gentoo Developer Manual step by step so that I can understand all of the pieces behind the scenes. I completed the tutorial on using catalyst to build stage tarballs.

I am now learning about the overlays and eclasses,

I also am starting to stock pile drafts for posts on this website. I am at a loss. I am too busy to write about my development, but then I am not able to recall what I have been doing because I did not document my progress.

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