I have become dissatisfied with Jekyll recently. While it does a fantastic job, and it is very easy to extend, I have always hated that it is written in Ruby. I never use Ruby for anything other than this website. At work I use PHP, JavaScript, and shell scripts for most of my work. I do not really enjoy programming in PHP but it’s all over the place so I can’t really get away from it. And the same could be said for JavaScript. One language that I would really love to use more is Common Lisp. I am fascinated by the Lisp Languages. I have been looking into Clojure on Android for applications. The biggest problem I have with that is it’s based on Java. None of my personal computing devices, except my phone, have Java installed. I really hate how bloated it is. Most of the software written for Gentoo is either in Python, Bash, or C. Now I don’t hate Python. That was the first programming language I ever came in contact with. I tried scripting in the Blender Game Engine many moons ago. And I write Bash scripts all day long. My dream job would be writing device drivers for the linux kernel. As we all know, the kernel is written in C. And while I can read and understand C, I don’t have very much experience actually writing it. I can debug packages, and embedded images since that’s literally my day job, but I need more experience actually writing new code in C.

With that in mind, I am going to switch from Jekyll to blogc- a blog compiler written in C. They even have a package for Gentoo.

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