Gentoo Rap

This morning I had a lovely meeting on google hangouts with some of the gentoo developers. I asked about contributing to the Gentoo RAP Project and I think I have a pretty good idea of what I can do to help. For my fire phone, The first step will be to prepare the kernel for a glibc system. They recommended SailfishOS kernel configs as a good starting point to reference. I also found this post on the xda developer forums about building a stock kernel using Amazon’s source code.

I have also begun refining some of my website designs. I like jekyll and some of the concepts that it uses, but I feel that I could do more with less as I prefer the minimalism. I would also like to have a no-js website. I’m beginning to narrow in on the features that I want- markdown editing -> html, base16 dark minimal theme, use of the GNU Autotools, live updating as I write (invoked via make watch), and pretty permalinks.

Also, I finally got around to flashing Lakka on my old raspberry pi 2 model b. I love the raspberry pi as much as the next guy, but it just seems very slow compared to using my cellphone. I’m assuming that’s because of the sdcard read/write access? I have started collecting old phones from people for development and for dissassembling. I even have quite a few old laptops that run emulators better. That being said, if I can find the time, I would like to begin working on debugging front mission 3 for playstation emulation. It crashes quite frequently on both my phone and on various computers.

I also spent a longer than I should have on compiling the drivers for a Realtek RTL8191SU USB Wifi Adapter. I read through this forum post and finally figured it out.

And finally, I have fired up gentoo my recently aquired Dell Poweredge 2900 on which I plan to start learning about lxc containerization. I am going to put ubuntu in a container first so that I can build ubuntu touch images. I’d also like to setup build automation tools, particularly Buildbot so that I can start automating some of my kernel development.

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