Tumblr Import?

I tried importing all of my old tumblr posts using the Jekyll-Import plugin.

<figure class="highlight"><pre><code class="language-ruby" data-lang="ruby"><span class="err">$</span> <span class="n">ruby</span> <span class="o">-</span><span class="n">rubygems</span> <span class="o">-</span><span class="n">e</span> <span class="s1">'require "jekyll-import";
  "url"            =&gt; "http://lramage94.tumblr.com",
  "format"         =&gt; "md", # or "html"
  "grab_images"    =&gt; true,  # whether to download images as well.
  "add_highlights" =&gt; true,  # whether to wrap code blocks (indented 4 spaces) in a Liquid "highlight" tag
  "rewrite_urls"   =&gt; true   # whether to write pages that redirect from the old Tumblr paths to the new Jekyll paths

It didn’t work too well. I had a few of my images but none of my links to external resources were imported. I guess it’s better than nothing.

After it imported I used perl to replace the layout from post to my own layout type,

<figure class="highlight"><pre><code class="language-perl" data-lang="perl"><span class="nv">$</span> <span class="nv">perl</span> <span class="o">-</span><span class="nv">pe</span> <span class="s">"s/tumblr/post/g"</span> <span class="nv">_posts</span><span class="sr">/tumblr/</span><span class="o">*.</span><span class="nv">md</span></code></pre></figure>

Also as you can probably tell, syntax highlighting does not seem to be working?

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