Init Freedom

Today I tried Void Linux, as part of my continuing search for a good, systemd-free, out of the box distribution for work.

As someone who enjoys tinkering with linux, I am not a fan of systemd. I have been researching replacements for Arch Linux, and Debian. Those were my main distributions of choice until recently. I do not understand how systemd and the Arch Linux philosophy are even compatible. I also dislike that they are dropping support for 32bit machines. I have quite a collection of older machines that I used to run Arch on. And yes, I know that there will still be community support. Suffice to say, I have fallen out of love with that distribution. The Arch wiki, however, is still very high on my list when searching for documentation.

It is my hope that Devuan reaches maturity, and if it does, then I will likely use that for my work laptop. Gentoo has become my favorite, but I simply cannot take the time to run it on my work laptop. I also really admire Alpine Linux, but I do not think I want to use it for my my daily driver.

Here are some interesting resources on the topic:

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