Today I setup buildbot for the first time. I have been meaning to for quite some time but today I finally got around to actually doing it. The documentation is not very thorough and I found many outdated versions that actually had more options than the latest documentation had to offer. It is, however, very simple to setup and configure. And I did not need administrator priviledges or a web server or anything. I simply used virtualenv and created both the master and slave in my home directory.

This leads me to my second accomplishment for today. I created a git server in my home directory. It was absurdly simple to do.

First, I created an empty repository,

mkdir repository.git && cd repository.git
git init --bare

(The .git suffix is just a naming convension. It is completely optional)

Then, to push to our bare repository,

git remote add local file:///home/lramage/repository.git
git push local master
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