Mathematics for Programmers

Tonight I have begun learning List Flavored Erlang. I have some work opportunities that require erlang, and for my own personal pleasure, I decided to find a lisp built with erlang. It is a rather intriguing project. And regular erlang libraries are compatible so I can play and be practical all at once! For my particular purposes I am trying to implement a distributed dns system for my home network. The erlang virtual machine is a marvelous creation that has roots in the telecommunications industry and therefore I believe it to be a useful tool for myself, being in that particular field.

I have also recently taken it upon myself to study mathematics and philosphy. I have been programming in some form or another since high school, and while I am now what would be described as a “professional”, i.e., for a living, I am but a neophyte in computer science. I hope to gain a richer understanding of lower level concepts but I feel that I can only accomplish this by first pursuing higher math.

I encourage my fellow programmers to read the following article on “The Mathematical Hacker” written by Evan Miller on his website.

I have initialized a new repository for the purpose of tracking some of my precalculus homework expressed in lisp.

Precalculus Homework

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