The Trinity Foundation: Math and the Bible

Over the past few days, I have been studying mathematics, physics, and logic in hopes of becoming a better programmer. This has lead me down the path of some of the great scientific minds of our time, particularly Albert Einstein. I have been learning about his “Theory of Relativity” but I have also begun to study his early life and personal relationships, and also his views on religion and philosphy.

During these studies, I began to ponder the idea of how mathematics and the bible are connected. I am a Christian and my faith is the basis for all that I do. I believe in a personal God who has created me specifically for the purpose of glorifying him through programming in particular, but also in every aspect of my life.

I found a review for “Math and the Bible” on a website which upon closer inspection, seems to echo the ideas that I have been incubating in my mind.

“Math and the Bible” - J.C. Keister

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