I’ve been extraordinarily busy with college the last few weeks. With family and work and school, there has not been very much time left for tinkering. However, I did have a some free time last night and I did some research for my robotics platform. I’m building an autonomous platform out of an electric wheelchair base. The model I have is from the early nineties. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same age as me. I managed to disassemble the controller and found embedded inside, a H8/532 microcontroller. Specifically, it is a HD6475328CP10. I read up on the H8 family of microcontrollers and learned that some of the models are capable of running Linux! I would need to purchase a programming adaptor to even begin messing with it.

Also, I’ve been working on my Amazon fire phone kernel.

A handy trick I figured out for working with quilt and my local overlay,

    $ emerge sys-kernel/kodiak-sources dev-util/quilt
    $ cd /usr/src/kodiak-sources-4.6.6/ && \
    > ln -s /usr/local/portage/rage-overlay/sys-kernel/kodiak-sources/files/ patches
    $ quilt new 9999-misc_fixes.patch

Then before working on a specific file, run quilt add <filename>, then Once you are finished, run quilt refresh to update your patch.

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