Void Linux

This weekend I finally got around to installing Void Linux on my Asus T100TA, and I must say, it’s not too bad. It’s been awhile since I’ve used a binary based distribution on one of my own personal machines. I have also never used a distro with runit as the init system before. One thing that I bothers me about Void is the package manager. I do understand why all the commands are xbps-<insert verb here> when they could just be xbps --<verb> instead. Not a huge deal, but I definitely prefer apk from Alpine, and of course portage from Gentoo. In fact, I have been working on building a Gentoo-based firmware for this device in my linux-asus-t100ta repo. It’s not practical to compile anything on this device since it has some odd power issues. For one, I do not have the original charger so I cannot just plug the device in and use it for long periods of time. And also, the battery life is terrible. I basically use this device for tinkering with the touch screen, and occasionaly for gaming; although that has been less frequent due to losing the charger. I repaired the screen on this device a few years ago and was at one point, using this device for debugging wireless equipment from a boom truck or ladder.

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